Kyoritsu Engineering Corporation WHAT WE DO


    LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
    GTL(Gas to Liquid)
    DME(Dimethyl ether)
    Coal Gasfication
    Cold Reflux(High Efficiency LNG・Ethane Recovery)


    Olefins Conversion Technology
    Ethylene Oxide/Glycol
    Styrenics, Aromatics
    Methanol, Ammonia, Urea
    Acid Gas Removal


    Power Generation
    Fertilizer Plant
    Water Resources


    Material evaluating and testing
    Computational Fluid dynamics
    Pulsation and Vibration analysis
    Compressors/Pump piping systems
    Structural and Thermal simulation analysis
    Earthquake resistance and seismic analysis
    Safety Verifications
    Process Hazard
    Life Cycle Cost analysis
    Rotor dynamic


    Heavy Oil Upgrading
    Catalytic Reforming
    FCC/RFCC – Fluid Catalytic Cracking/ Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking
    HSC – Residue Upgrading, Soaker Cracking
    FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading)


    Mechanical Plant specification
    Detail design and specification
    Operation and Control system design
    Pressure vessel and Piping Design
    Specification and Stress Analysis
    Fluid Pumping
    Handling and Storage
    Computational dynamic modeling


    Urea Synthesis
    Energy Saving Distillation System
    Electric Boiler
    CO2 capture and Storage (CCS)
    Reusable Waste Water
    PCB Detox Treatment
    Water Caustic Treatment


    Technical services to facilitate commercialization of laboratory technologies.


    A range of comprehensive services from feasibility studies to selection of construction site, various analysis and constructional design.


    Plant Maintenance
    Preventive Maintenance
    Enhanced operating efficiency
    Field Operator Support System


    Operations Manager
    Visual Development Operations
    Automation Scripting and Tooling
    API, Elastic search, Framework running
    Module implementation and unit testing

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Dec 2021 To reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and variants emerged (Omicron C-19), we are strongly encouraging staff to social distance, periodically ventilate rooms, avoid unnecessary large party meetings, and to continue temperature checks and mask mandates in and out of the office. #covid19 #omicron
News “INCHEM 2021 held at Tokyo Big Site”. Link: November 17th, 2021. Japan Management Association. #inchem #plantshow #biomass
Nov 2021 Teleworking embraced after State of Emergency lifts, embracing balance between WFH and In-Office work to secure productivity and performance. #covid19 #stateofemergency
Oct 2021 Furthering staff discussions on improving the workplace to facilitate a greater female friendly environment and what it really means to achieve work-life-balance centered around topics of motherhood, physiology, new tech devices and gender awareness at FemTech2021 held at Tokyo Big Site. #FemTech #SDG #sustainability #gender-equality
News “State-run vaccination centers open to people age 18 to 64”. Link: July 2nd, 2021. NHK World. #covid19 #stateofemergency #vaccine
July 2021 Following the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the city draws out alternative routes to alleviate traffic congestion along with the extended State of Emergency. To minimize infection risks during this time, we encourage our staff to alternate between staggering commuting hours and secure teleworking, ensuring productivity and the safety of their homes. #tokyo2020 #olympicgames #covid19 #prevention #telework
May 2021 Targeting goals of digitization and technological sustainability by reducing 25% of company seal invoicing and administrative back-office duties, furthering our target goals for digitization and technological sustainability. #脱はんこ #SDG #digitization #paperless
Feb 2021 Following Shintech Louisiana U.S.A. 's decision on Ethylene plant expansion.
Jan 2021 In accordance to the new Jan.7th State of Emergency, we have amplified our efforts to further minimize risk, as we diligently safeguard all our staff. We strongly maintain ZERO infected. URL:
Dec 2020 Change of representatives and directors appointed in assumed office, Dec.1'20.
Nov 2020 Due to the continuing spread of Covid-19 all social events and gathering are postponed until further notice in effort to safeguard all staff members.
Oct 2020 Sustainable efforts towards 68 out of 169 SDG targets in fields of 5. Equality, 6. Clean Water & Sanitation, 7. Affordable & Clean Energy, 9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure.
Aug2020 Along with methanol alternative biofuel, significant recovery in demands for plastic resins in both overseas and domestic markets.
June 2020 "Asia's top renewable energy markets: China, India and Japan" – Japan takes lead in the Far East.
Mar 2020 In preventative efforts to minimize COVID-19 “Corona Virus” exposure and to ensure the safety of our staff, scheduled WFH and Flex/Core hour policies, IR Body temperature measurements and disinfection/sterilization practiced. STAY SAFE
Jan 2020 Propylene Refinement and Biomass Energy Generator Project.
Dec 2019 Proceed and resume supervising structural engineering field work with Shintech Louisiana’s Polychloride Vinyl plant, in Plaquemine, LA.
News “Biomass Recycling Market Overview by 2025: QY Research”, August 2, 2019, Weekly Wall. Link:
Aug 2019 “Mid-Summer Wrap Up!” Celebrating our Mid-Year strong! Cheers to Beer Bar marumaru Okachimachi @marumaru.okachimachi for the wonderful selection from local breweries!
News “PCG to spend US$12 billion for future deals”, July 27, 2019. Borneo Post online.
Jul 2019 Getting hands on with Pipeline Designs at Sumitomo Chemical’s No.5 Methionine Processing Plant, in Ehime Prefecture, aiding feed manufacturing distributing efficient nutritional poultry development.
Mar 2019 Local engineering supervision on Shintech USA’s new Chlor Alkali and Vinyl Chloride monomer production facility in Plaquemine, Louisiana U.S.A.
Jan 2019 Rebuild and Maintenance of the Kyoto City Southern Incineration Plant with SLEC Industries.
Nov 2018 Follow up last terms Maruzen’s Northern Coast Refinery plant, we geared up to make headway on the Southern Coast Oil Refinery Plant.
Jun 2018 Conjoining and aiding in mechanical engineering forces with Challenergy LLC towards sustainable Energy Generating as we innovatively instrumentalize Japan’s volatile typhoon-winds.
May 2018 Stepping into on site mechanical engineering detailing and final wrap up on TTCL Pubic Company LLC’s Silicone Plant in Bangkok, Thailand.